Nesting software | NC Post Processor software

Industrial cutting software solutions

ONESoft is specialized in development of CAD/CAM nesting software solutions for sheet metal fabrication and shipyards.
SoftONE-NEST and SoftONE-CNC form a professional nesting software solution for all major CNC cutting machines including plasma, laser, oxy fuel and water jet technologies as well as for other manufacturing application like punching machines, composite fabricators.
SoftONE-NEST nesting software can be used successfully as stand alone true shape nesting software as well as third part nesting solution of the existing shipdesign CAD/CAM systems users.The embedded NC post processor support almost all type of cutting machines in the market Read more....
SoftONE-CNC is a standalone NC post processor application. It can be used like a batch CAD DXF to NC convertor or as high level CAD/CAM post processor Read more....

ONESoft can deliver :

SoftONE-NEST CAD/CAM Nesting software solutions for shipdesign and sheet metal industries;
SoftONE-CNC Post processors software solution for CAD/CAM systems & PLM software (Tribon/Aveva Marine, Autocad) for 2-5 axis cutting machines;
Custom software development; CAD/CAM ERP software integration; API programming;
CAD/CAM shipdesign software installation & support;
Database integration and services, data extraction software;
NC parts programming services, CAD to CNC conversion (ESSI or G-Code programs);
CNC installation and support;